Thursday, January 28, 2016

Double Down

You know what?

I have just doubled down so to speak.   I have just no more patience with certain social mores that fly straight out of the mouth of satan. And in this particular case it is the old adage, "Never talk politics or religion".  

I don't care how that is said, how flowery, warm and fuzzy... it is intended by "the enemy" to stifle your spiritual growth. It is a divisive stronghold, that keeps us from being able to trust one another, or at least extend respect... especially now. These last days, there is a strong delusion, and if you don't mark who you are in Christ publicly and strongly at times you may be lost. If the thought of that frightens you, even a little then you may be saved. Declare and let no mistake, you will know "when" that Moed happens, you will know, "Share the good news." In that still small inner Voice. HIS voice. 

It is "double down" time. SPEAK to one another, even in writing for EVERYONE to see! Declare at every "opportunity"  how magnificent, is the counsel GOD. Yes you may whisper it as well, but declare!

He alone is worthy of glory. HE Alone Is the FATHER, Son, and Holy Spirit.  

And talk politics with everyone libertarian, conservative and liberal, atheist and believer, fellow citizens. Romans 13, and our Constitution, says that the People are the rulers of this country. We have a God given responsibility to set this country 'back' onto our Constitutional Protections.  This Country was Constitutionally founded on GOD; guts and guns then evil men's generations commandeered its course. 

We must talk to one another and be willing, even expectant of fair play. God will guide you... you may trust Him.