Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Warmest & Fluffiest Liberals, the Ooey-ist & Gooiest of the Progressives, that Tout and Advocate (in essence) “Power to the Utopians” …Have to Ignore Human History in Order to Proceed.
(Wow… what a mouthful of a title eh?)

By Merwin, Editor in Chief, Primordial Gazette ~ News from the Ooze
Merwin, aka Balaam’s Nazarite Donkey


I could almost stop at the title if I were channeling Dennis Miller, but he is still alive, and I don’t believe in “channeling”. So then, what am I getting at?

Well here it is and I will try and keep it short for the followers on FB that look for excuses not to read my stuff. If you were to click on the link at the bottom, that action would take you to a short video wherein one of Obama’s U.S. attorneys addresses a crowd in Tennessee. At the “meeting” he basically informs them that it will be considered a punishable hate crime aggression to speak out or publish in anyway, anything that advocates acts of violence (or physical resistance?), with Islam cannot be considered as part of our first amendment rights.

This is perhaps not the epitome of the progressive’s “power to the utopian warm & fluffy”, but it has to start somewhere right? I mean we have to start somewhere if we are going to arrive at the goal of John Lennon’s “Imagine” or, “Give Peace a Chance”, don’t we?

Talk about a conspiracy THEORY...

From Marx & Engels, Communist Manifesto, to the ongoing, long lived depravation in Cuba. From the heady days of the Bolshevik Revolution, to the purges of Stalin. From Plato’s Republic, to Sir Thomas More’s Utopia, to Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek… humankind has “imagined” for himself a “heaven on earth” life wherein greed, harm, wars and murder are things of the past.

Even with Star Trek most of the ugliness that is in mankind’s nature is a thing of the past and there is no such thing as “money” everybody has what they need, and any “real” threat to their utopia can only be found amongst the stars. No offense is meant to the Trekies out there, I realize the assessment is over simplified.

In each of the cases listed above we have two things going on, the fictional promise for tomorrow, and the true history of man; wherein “power” over other men has been laid at the feet of a few. This has been proven true with nearly every manifestation of government… humankind is selfish and murderous.

The only examples of non-murderous states that can be found are those in which, the state has what it needs, and no other country wants what they have, at least enough to try and take it. And I suggest to you that this condition, is indeed “conditional” and, at best temporary. Meaning that at some point in their history they were violent, and being human, they will likely turn violent when circumstances warrant it.

As examples, two of the countries in the top five for gun ownership are Switzerland and Finland   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Number_of_guns_per_capita_by_country , numbering fourth and fifth respectively. And they are two of the most “peaceful” countries on the planet. So why would anyone think for a moment that there would be at least 45 guns for every 100 people in these two countries. I suggest to you that they recognize mankind’s potential for violence, and are prepared for it.

The warmest & fluffiest of progressives in this country of ours is ignoring man’s history to promote the warm and fluffy “change”. Apparently, they are willing to oppress their fellow citizenry by imposing the Politically Correct Police upon them to exact said change. Is this “change” they are lock stepping toward, anything like they “Imagine” it to be?

No… but then, that did not stop the Bolsheviks, or Chairman Mao, or Robespierre of the French Revolution, he too lost his head at the guillotine. It did not stop America’s murderous campaign against the indigenous Natives, or the black races purchased on the Ivory Coast from rival tribe members that stole their neighbors to sell to white slavers. And it will not stop Islam and its Sharia Law, which has declared that its manifest destiny (according to the Koran) is to “own the world”.

Imagination is strong, prompting all manner of ventures. Typically with Mankind’s march to flesh out his imaginings of his own utopia, he is willing to murder to accomplish what he imagines. When this is his course of action, he is willing to use whatever tools may be available to enlist those otherwise directionless, two legged assets to do their bidding.

And typically these tools are best described as vehicles that fulfill mankind’s desire to be free from the oppressions of his fellow man. Sometimes its religion, other times its man’s desire to be free of religion. Sometimes its politics - a new political machine of promised sleek lines and fast returns, or, freedom from man’s last failed attempt to deliver the vehicle of the “promised” utopia. With Islam it is both political and highly “religious”.

There was a television commercial for perfume, when I was a kid that has stuck in my memory that said, “Promise her anything… but give her Arpege!”  Mankind’s slogan, seems to be, “Promise them change… but give them oppression!”

The Progressives of this country, have got to ignore our own historical truth, in order to proceed with their New World Order Imaginings and their Politically Correct enforcement. Beware of the “promises” of your fellow man, for his behavior runs terribly “in the red”.