Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Without Ceasing?

How does one do that?

Jesus through Paul, did not give much past the encouragement to do so, what did he mean... pray without ceasing.

There was a turn of the 19th to the 20th century preacher in the British Isles somewhere... I forget his name, who told this story in a book and I think, preached it in a message. He said that every man in England wore hats when outside, not to wear a hat was the equivalent of not knowing when to come in out of the rain.

This preacher... I wish I could remember his name(read it along time ago), went on to testify that the only time men would take off their hats outside was when they prayed... at wakes, outside services and whatnot. I hope I am recounting this accurately, its from memory.

He was walking to some function one day and was praying while he walked, and of course he was wearing his hat. The Lord impressed upon him to remove his hat while praying even when it was just himself alone with the Lord, even while walking out in public or through the countryside going here or there. And he obeyed and soon he was going here and there always removing his hat while talking with the Lord. Eventually he found himself carrying his hat from place to place, not wearing it at all... just carrying it.

People looked at him like he was goofy, then the Lord gave him a message to preach about praying without ceasing, and explain that this was the reason he simply carried his hat from place to place without wearing it, and after preaching this message, he quit taking his hat with him. It was just a few months before all men were leaving there hats at home.

The thing God used this for was to aprise men of the value of constant communing with their Father. I don't think God has an attitude about hats.

I ask the question again... how is this, prayer without ceasing, accomplished?

I believe the Lord explained this pretty good for me a long time ago, even before having read this book.

For me communications with the Lord is not formal, it is intimate. He explained it in my guts like this...
He is so interwoven into who we are that we, most of the time, are unaware of his abiding presence. He is 24/7 dwelling in our persons tenderly involved with our thoughts, desires, cares and intentions.

He described to me that... to know this, to want this, to embrace this reality is to be in constant prayer. To have the committed intent, that we want His constant access and care for our thoughts and feelings, is a condition of praying without ceasing. For you to become aware that He loves you and knows your heart and savors these intentions of yours is precious to Him.

Certainly we have more formal operations of prayer, and those are proper and useful in their place, but in our hearts, in the center of our being, let us embrace Him, for He is embracing us. This is prayer without ceasing.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Re-writes, Edits & Best Friends.

I mean like... dang!

You go back over your old stuff and you say to yourself (at least I do), "...why didn't I see that the first couple of times I proof read that? If it was someone else's stuff I would have caught that the first time through." (though I usually don't mention it).

And why should it be months or years later when I catch it, instead of just a couple of minutes, or at the most weeks?

Seriously... the reason is, I (we, if you like to write too) am present in what I am trying to say. I am actually in the process of saying (writing) it, I am inside it speaking out. I think I am clear, I don't see the potential for confusion or misunderstanding, I am "in" it.

I do a similar misexpression of meaning while talking, just not as much, nor as often. When I write however, this shortcoming lingers like a bad "scratch and sniff" encounter from a magazine.

You've probably been there, you see the merchandizing photo, you go, "yeah that looks macho" (or "cute" if your a girl)you scratch it, it seems to smell good so you wipe the page on your hand and you think your cool... until your "real" friends ask, "is that you that stinks?"

Well it certainly is not that severe when it comes to written expression, mine or my friends. And especially my friends. When I read other people's material I am not very critical when I am reading it, I simply want to enjoy what they wrote, and after all the person didn't ask me to critique it.

When I go back and look at some of the things I put to keyboard and posted... I go, what was that? That stinks! I just wish I would be my own "real" friend sooner.

Scooter, is my best friend... she either says, "its good", "that needs fixing", or she fixes it. Sometimes she says it stinks... but when she says it, its in code, "You can't post that."
Scooter is my best friend.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

My Problem Is Not Writer's Block

Seriously... I do not have a problem with finding something to write about. What I seem to have a problem with is writing about something, anything, that will gain the interest of at least one reader.

I mean really, if I could be certain that at least one "stranger" became a follower of my blog I would go nuts with prolific ramblings sure to keep that person absorbed in my written storm of rhetoric until the return of Jesus.

You should have seen my daughter's over-flowing enthusiasm when, on her blog she realized that she had a stranger... some unknown quantity of a human being that became her follower!

"Wow!" I said to myself then asked... "Self, are you listening? I SAID WOW!" With a genuine tone of overwhelmed shock. All this due to the realization and revelation of the difference between us. I have a couple followers, for which I am very grateful, (sorry for not posting anything for a long time) but none of these few, are strangers.

What I would be willing to do for that kind of motivation! It is mind boggling. And do you what boggles my mind? Huh... do ya? It is the fact that evidently my blogging daughter (for I have two), has evidently not, I repeat... not, inherited my rambling gene.

Well that just stinks.

Oh yes, it wreaks. Allow me a moment to explain why. Here I am typing away like there is no tomorrow hoping that someone would have genuine interests in my earth shaking insights. My motives are clear, I have had some small epiphany about interest that does not have its genesis in friendly or familial obligations.

Interest, who's origin is based on nothing else, but the merit of what the good Lord has provided evident in her material. Not because of anything else but that they happened upon her work and subscribed. You may rightly ask... Merwin why should this offend?

Simply put... it is the fact that my blogging daughter has not inherited the gift of rambling, for she only writes occasionally, when the "inspiration" is there, when she is moved poetically, when what she is writing is poignant and relevant and... oh... wait, another epiphany... uh... never mind.