Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Re-writes, Edits & Best Friends.

I mean like... dang!

You go back over your old stuff and you say to yourself (at least I do), "...why didn't I see that the first couple of times I proof read that? If it was someone else's stuff I would have caught that the first time through." (though I usually don't mention it).

And why should it be months or years later when I catch it, instead of just a couple of minutes, or at the most weeks?

Seriously... the reason is, I (we, if you like to write too) am present in what I am trying to say. I am actually in the process of saying (writing) it, I am inside it speaking out. I think I am clear, I don't see the potential for confusion or misunderstanding, I am "in" it.

I do a similar misexpression of meaning while talking, just not as much, nor as often. When I write however, this shortcoming lingers like a bad "scratch and sniff" encounter from a magazine.

You've probably been there, you see the merchandizing photo, you go, "yeah that looks macho" (or "cute" if your a girl)you scratch it, it seems to smell good so you wipe the page on your hand and you think your cool... until your "real" friends ask, "is that you that stinks?"

Well it certainly is not that severe when it comes to written expression, mine or my friends. And especially my friends. When I read other people's material I am not very critical when I am reading it, I simply want to enjoy what they wrote, and after all the person didn't ask me to critique it.

When I go back and look at some of the things I put to keyboard and posted... I go, what was that? That stinks! I just wish I would be my own "real" friend sooner.

Scooter, is my best friend... she either says, "its good", "that needs fixing", or she fixes it. Sometimes she says it stinks... but when she says it, its in code, "You can't post that."
Scooter is my best friend.

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  1. Now this is a funny and enjoyable read... love the imagery. =)