Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Why are we humans, considered by "Evolutionists", to be barely more than bugs?

It appears that in their thoughts, we truly are not ranking any higher than just another type of animal.

And rather, we are seen as animals that are completely out of order, destroying the planet and needing the vast majority of us to be eradicated in order to save the world.

These "scientists" seem to have this survival of the fittest perspective, and their propaganda machinery is in full swing to convince the masses of thier evolution "truth" that used to be only a theory.

One might ask "why?", what could possibly be the beneficial yield for their efforts? What is their "end game"?

They are reaching for a world population limit of 500 million.

(Google - "Georgia Guidestones" and see Wikipedia entry for these intentions)

(Notice propaganda de-sensitization movie "The Day The Earth Stood Still")

If they are going to arrive at this "500 million" goal they would have to somehow reduce the world's populace by at least 85 per cent.

The next question is, how are these bits of information related?

If the value of human life is reduced to perhaps less than that of cattle, then the cancerous un-wanted peoples can be surgically removed for the sake of the health of that which remains.

Say for instance, you have a world population that is reported to be 95 per cent destructive to their own living space.

Then you have the controlling 0.5 per cent mobilize the military to destroy the 85 per cent that is your goal number... the remaining 10 per cent is easily controlled and conditioned to be docile and less destructive to the environment.

The remnant would be an acceptable "working class", fit to serve the "Big Dogs"! Zero population growth is then within reach and the world in general, (according to them) would be a better place for all to live in.

But first, the value of "human" life must be de-valued. It can not be considered any more precious than other animal life forms.

Once these philosophies are embraced... at least by the military powers of the world, then the less acceptable sectors of society can be done away with.

These "unsavory qualifiers" for targeted groups are merely a ploy... they will attempt to "get the ball rolling" with societies most hated sectors first. But ultimatley, little by little, everyone's group will be included in the holocaust.

Remember the 85 per cent goal.

Presently our culture is being bombarded with a huge variety of hate propaganda, including hate for the haters.

Hate for the gays, hate for the homophobes, hate for the religious, hate for the atheist, hate for the colored, for the whites the blacks, and the Jews, everyone is in fear and hatred, or so it seems!

All this is useful to those who want to radically reduce the population of the planet! They are counting on mutual fear and hatred, because they think that few will object when it is the other group that is being exterminated!

My wife, goes daily to chat rooms where the category is "spiritual and religious". There, it seems to be an ongoing slugfest of atheists harassing the "religious nut-cases" trying to show them how demented they are.

The reason I bring this up is that the common opinion most of them hold is how much the Christian hates them in their current non-christian condition.

Now, certainly they have a lot of other opinions that are equally off target, but the thing that impresses me is that they think we are all bigots who want them dead or saved.

If you read the mean spirited comments of these in the chat rooms you quickly conclude that a lot of them wish us Christians dead or "enlightened".

These types of fears and hates are common from sector to sector, and not just with atheists and christians.

All this serves the ones who really want us dead, because they are certain that the Christian will not defend the atheistic gay and vice versa.

Well the powers pulling the strings are wrong! Here is one christian at least that will defend the atheist gay with my life and my prayers. And I will pray for, and love the enemy who seeks my death... they are not bugs.

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