Sunday, May 24, 2009

I "Was" Minding My Own Beeswax!

There I was, minding my own beeswax, when I heard my lovely bride declare, "Viruses have little motors to drive them around!" I turned from my online comics to where she sits at her PC, looked at the graphic on her screen, and immediately asked her to send me the link:

I gotta say! WOW! No… "wow" doesn't really cut it. But, that is the only exclamation that popped up. How can anyone, after having looked at this article, ever again dismiss intelligent design?

Seriously! A tiny virus having this type of complex sophistication in its life-growth? This information moves a believer to ask yet again, those unbelieving, militant, evolution soap-box toting, "tolerant", "open-minded", scientific Darwinian bigots... do you people even read your own information?

Not that the information comes from an evolution freak or a lab full of them, but really... wake up and smell the coffee and evolve yourself some... courage.

Look at the information and... oh wait... at the bottom of the graphic it credits "Steven McQuinn/ Venigalla Rao, Catholic University of America" so that "Catholic University" part would automatically discredit in the atheistic bigot's eyes, the information, because it came from a "religious" source.

The part that bugs me about that, is that they have the same information verified and re-verified but it never gets the "air-time" in their non-religious publications... simply because it does not reinforce their Spencer Tracy "Inherit the Wind", Scopes monkey trial entrenchment. Rather, it terribly undermines it.

Therefore "they" could not allow this information to become widespread in their collegiate market place of ideas, unless it did come from a tiny religious corner of the scientific community so it could be downplayed with vigor.

Okay, okay! I can hear (kinda), the comebacks to my mini tirade. "Take it easy, ya big lawn gnome, don't bust a gusset!"

But really, I mean on the one hand, I know we don't want to drive away potential believers (atheists) with insults. On the other, one might wish to shock them into reality; to have them stop overlooking, or hiding, the obvious. Take the truth and stand behind it no matter where it leads.

Darwin stated that his theories could not possibly work on a microbial level, that if it were proven that complex life existed with the single cell that his writings would fall apart.

Viral life is the smallest of all discovered life forms (possible amino acid exception?) and evidently it is very complex.

Sorry, Spencer Tracy-wannabe. You can stop acting like that lawyer, or a monkey's uncle and liberate yourself from the oppressive constraints of our socialistic national public school agenda.

While I am sure there are many in the realm of public and higher education that fully endorse their leaders Gestapo like, oppressive dictates (see Ben Stein's documentary "Expelled" avail Netflix). I remain just as sure that there are those who happened to start their journey as educators naive to the tactics that would be employed to force compliance in a strict evolutionary environment and would now like to be free of it.

As Christians, we are instructed to be harmless as doves and wise as serpents. It seems that too much focus is on the former and way too little on the latter.

How else could they slip this dreadnought, this six-hundred pound gorilla into the room? And, why does it seem to be an astonishing sort of coincidence that Darwin's Origin of the Species was published... then shortly after this, national public schools gained power? And, this, closely followed by the ACLU, Scopes monkey trial debacle?

Now we find that the obvious evidence of intelligent design (not necessarily creationism), is being denied to us, by those who work for us. People, this is our business, and we should get to minding it.

I would support a grass roots movement to fund work like Ben Stein's to inform Christians and the American public in general about this nonsense and thereby be an agent for change.

They (the government) work for us and not the other way around!

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